Arcade Games -Are They Here To Stay?

Move over joysticks and control the motion of your bike on the screen or drop a coin and pull out your favourite hot wheels! Such innovative and involving is the concept of arcade gaming. Arcade games are coin-operated entertainment machines, usually found in large business establishments like restaurants, arcades, game parlours, and amusement parks. Most arcade games are redemption games, pinball or merchandisers like claw cranes and so on. Apart from video arcades and restaurants, they can be spotted in places like supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, bowling alleys and even in bars.

The earliest installation was that of shooting galleries and ball toss games that came in 1920s and made way for many more later. The initially developed arcades were mechanically run pinball machines that were made of wood. A company called Sega introduced the first electronic version of arcade games called Periscope much later and is still going strong in merchandising arcade games. When it was launched, it became a way of socialising and interacting with different people but the arcade culture is falling by the wayside in recent times and going through a remarkable transformation.

Around mid eighties, the popularity of arcade games began to fade as consumers found it more satisfying and much cheaper to rent new games on the shelf than to play its arcade version by paying a quarter for fifteen minutes. The last war, Pin deluxe, 4-Player bowling alley is some of the earlier arcade games. The old arcade machines are treasured and are regarded as highly prized collectibles by gaming enthusiasts.

In the modern times when you walk into a shopping mall or an amusement park, you see arcades occupied with big gaming installations and are modified versions of the traditional arcade games. The future is fast evolving and so has the arcade games of post modern era. With technology at doorsteps, arcade games have marked their presence on the internet today. Many popular and newer games are looming into the internet browsers. A considerable populace of youth and adolescents are active participants of the gaming technology. Children too love to crouch in the lazy corners of the house and remain glued to the arcade games widely available online. A new game is launched every other day, be it renewed versions of Xbox or modified primary arcade games. No sooner in time are we going to witness a boom in the domain of online gaming including the arcade types.

We live in a technology centric world, and arcade games might change avatars but have a niche for itself and is sure to cast a spell on its die-hard followers. Video games, the transformed version of the midway arcade types have brought in a revolution with them and are still evolving. So it would not be exaggerating to predict the future to play host to motion sensing technology in games or to cater to wireless gaming audience. The old arcade games might not be a commonplace but the appetite for active video gaming experience is sure to grow. The two big market players, Sony and Microsoft have already sold 4.1 million and 8 million units of gaming apparatus, respectively.